Urban Water Commons is the place for utility-tailored R&D, products and training in the field of urban water systems, with a focus on infrastructure asset management, performance assessment, benchmarking and network modeling.



UWCommons is promoted by LNEC, ITA and IST, leading R&D organizations in the field of urban water services and systems, sharing a long history of successful close collaboration and a common vision at aspiring to establish an international reference in their fields of expertise.

They are complemented by a number of associated members – similar organizations in several countries around the world.


Urban Water Commons aims at:

  • creating awareness and capacitate urban water utility decision-makers and technical staff 
  • providing professional-grade methods and tools for the advancement of the industry 
  • promoting the harmonization of concepts and methods and provide reference technical and training materials and tools 
  • leveraging university post-graduate education for water professionals, based on harmonized concepts and methods 
  • becoming a reference hub and a facilitator in networking international groups working in the same field


The Urban Water Commons builds on the existing offer from ITA, LNEC and IST, by investing in new tools, methods and materials with a strong sense of alignment around strategic priorities for the industry, creating synergies through the coordination of efforts among its partners and network of associated members.

This site

This site provides a guided vehicle for UWCommons’s web-served offer: reference documentation, training materials, e-learning courses, and software. It also aims to convey opinions and promote discussion on relevant issues in the fields of expertise covered, through specialist articles, blogs and topical debate.

Finally, this site aims at promoting networking through project showcasing, and provides a guide to UWCommons’s R&D, training services and specialized consultancy.